The project is under development.
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What is Quantify?

Quantify is for people and about people
Quantify is a game of questions and answers
Quantify is about sociology, psychology and data science
Quantify provides free and open information

What is it all about?

Quantify the world is a community of people who asks questions and answers them. As a result, we have lots of statistics on opinion of people on any topic: from health and entertainment to business and politics!
Quantify is a game, where asking and answering is neither boring nor hard, but fun and interesting :)
But most of all - Quantify will help people around the world better understand each other...
So let’s unite and create a place where you can find the data about people’s opinion for any topic!

Who will love Quantify?

  • Sociologists, psychologist, data analysts — students, scientists and professionals
  • Fans of open-source and freedom of information
  • People, who are interested in people
  • Anyone, who is interested in anything :)


When will Quantify start?
Who is making Quantify?
What themes will it cover?
How can I help?
Why are you making it?

our values

Open & Anonymous

Aggregated data is open to public.
All the data is anonymous and secure.

Friendly & Global

We are open to any friendly cooperation.
Project is not bound by a country, culture or language.

Freedom & Science

Freedom of information makes world better.
Everything we publish is based entirely on data.

Tolerance & Impartiality

We do not divide opinions on right and wrong.
We never propagandise, push or prejudge anything.